CommTrade Update Spring 2020

The CommTrade team welcomes you again and hopes that you will adapt to the surrounding changes as quickly as they happen and at the same time be in good health and full of productivity. Like the whole world, our project continues to move forward and spring stood out for the team with hot, full work and new aspirations. But first things first.

The final program Startup Boost and the upcoming demo.

So flew a fleeting 6 weeks of CommTrade participation in the pre-acceleration program in Startup Boost NYC. The project received a lot of feedback, communication with experts and mentors, and an active practice of pitching to an US audience. The final, but not the last milestone of the program will be Demoday, which will be held in an online format on June 17, 2020. You can take part and watch the performance of our team by registering at: accelerator-nyc-demo-day-june-17th-tickets-106442197478

We will wait for everyone to support the project and ask questions of interest.

Participation in Baltic Sandbox Investors Week

Last week, the CEO and Co-Founder of CommTrade, Stanislav Zavershinskii, took part in the Investors Week, organized by the friendly ecosystem of the Lithuanian Baltic Sandbox accelerator. Thanks to the excellent work of the Lithuanian colleagues, the project managed to speak at the pitch session, attract the attention of investors and schedule future meetings, receive feedback and extensive food for strategic thoughts, as well as communicate and personally get acquainted with investment funds of later stages. Webinars and interviews conducted during the event turned out to be a source of interesting information. As always, the event brought a lot of benefits and new acquaintances.

Passage to the acceleration program HSE

After two weeks of intensive sand boxing, the CommTrade team was invited to participate in the main part of the 3-month accelerator of the HSE Business Incubator. The team set and validated future goals that can be achieved by tracking and mentoring HSE experts. As the preliminary two weeks have shown, CommTrade is waiting for the most productive summer and an active movement towards new results. Follow us on this blog and subscribe to the investor mailing list by contacting us at the end.

Passing to the accelerated program United Investors

CommTrade also entered another, as expected, no less active acceleration program from United Investors. The organizers of the program promise the most intensive daily work from June 10, our team is looking forward to new challenges.

In conclusion of today’s news, we wish you to remain in a positive and active state in the current whirlpool realities! And as always, stay with us!

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