CommTrade has conducted over 100 interviews and surveys with executives in the petrochemical and petroleum products markets around the world.

We are pleased to provide you with market results and insights during COVID exposure. In the attached material, you can find information about companies, leaders, and how they use forecasting in their business and work.

Research methodology:

• At the end of 2020, we conducted in-depth personal interviews with VPs and CEOs, as well as with opinion leaders in the petrochemicals and refined products market.

• Having formed the main theses based on the interviews, we surveyed a sample of…

It has been a long time since the CommTrade team came out with a report on their work, achievements, results and goals. The pandemic didn’t leave aside our product either, forcing us to actively work inside, go into rethinking the strategy, renew and enter the new 2021 with a new product, goals and approach.

We congratulate everyone on the new working year, we hope that we will find you in health and hasten to share some of the events that took place during the last half of 2020.

Acceleration programs and contests.

Our team successfully completed the Spring Startup Boost…

It is impossible to deny the moment that the current pandemic and crisis in the world affected the polymer market and led to changes. The CommTrade team decided to conduct market research and understand how polymer companies are experiencing the year 2020, what are their plans and how they are transforming their business.

In the first article of the future cycle, we will understand the market situation preceding 2020, and also examine what were the forecasts for 2019–2022. In the following articles of the cycle, we will talk with experts and market representatives, as well as study technological implementations in…

The CommTrade team welcomes you again and hopes that you will adapt to the surrounding changes as quickly as they happen and at the same time be in good health and full of productivity. Like the whole world, our project continues to move forward and spring stood out for the team with hot, full work and new aspirations. But first things first.

The final program Startup Boost and the upcoming demo.

So flew a fleeting 6 weeks of CommTrade participation in the pre-acceleration program in Startup Boost NYC. The project received a lot of feedback, communication with experts and mentors…

The first quarter of 2020 was interesting both for the whole world and for the CommTrade team. Global self-isolation, closing borders, the movement of commodity and financial markets — all this certainly leaves its mark on the project. While the team is planning and starting to implement anti-crisis measures for growth in the “new reality”, let’s take a look at the small achievements in the first months of work in 2020.

Participation in Startup Boost 2020 NYC Spring

Having passed the selection of more than 700 applications, CommTrade was among 7 projects in the Startup Boost 2020 acceleration program. For…

The last two months of the transition to the new decade focused the CommTrade team more on internal work and finding new opportunities for development and movement into the future. Nevertheless, there were a number of small but significant events for the project that we would like to talk about.

Victory at the FintechINN, Lithuania conference

Thanks to friendly cooperation with the Baltic SandBox accelerator, the CommTrade team was able to participate in the largest fintech conference in the Baltic States — FintechInn at the end of 2019. Pitching in the Scale-Up StartUp Tack category to a large audience…

Hi, my name is Stanislav. I’m Co-Founder of CommTrade. And in the next several minutes i want to tell you in what i believe.

If you are not new in Tech and Venture industry you know that for now media and retail companies in the globe use some kind of “intellectual” bot systems in messengers and webpages. That is using of a simple and automated ways of helping and speaking their customers. And also this solutions collecting customers data. …

The month of October brought the CommTrade team not so many high events, team are focusing all the main forces on the operational process of developing the project. But this month was not without achievements. Let’s go in order.

The main resource of the team was focused on the integration of a pilot solution for a polymer trader. The first version of the platform for structuring and automating operational transaction processes enters the final stage of testing and already shows positive results for the company.

Recall that the decision to structure and automate the chaotic process of the operational work…

CommTrade became the winner of the semifinal of the EURASIAN DIGITAL PLATFORM Innovation Projects Competition in Almaty, Kazakhstan and reached the final of the contest, which took place this week in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz Republic.

The aim of the annual competition is to identify companies and projects in the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union that are able to make a significant contribution to the implementation of the digital agenda of the Eurasian Economic Union.

A digital platform is a system of tools that supports the use of digital processes, resources and services by a significant number of…

We continue to actively test the first version of the platform in cooperation with one of large Kazan petrochemical traders. Positive feedback was received from company employees. But is not without its challenges for the CommTrade development team.

The Russian trader showed its interest in CommTrade, and also confirmed the value of the product, becoming the first client of the company on the most favorable conditions, with an annual subscription worth more than $ 7,000.

CommTrade continues to evolve and achieve its goals. Keep up with our news and join us!

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A platform for forecasting of the raw materials demand and analyzing of supplies based on mathematical modeling and learning algorithms.

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